unani therapy

What is Unani therapy?

Unani is a term of perso-arabic traditional medicine as practice in mogul, India and Muslim culture in South Africa and Central Asia. Unani medicine also called “ Unani Tibb “ ( Arabic medicine ). Unani tibb is based on Greek philosophy, Unani system of medicine originated in Greece( unan ). “Aesculapius “is credited as originator of this system. Buarat (better known as Hippocrates 460-377 B.C. ) is said to be descendent of Aesculapius and recognized as father of unani medicine. The medical tradition of medieval Islam was introduce to India by the 13th century with the establishment of the Delhi sultanate and developed during mughal empire. In India unani system of medicine is influenced by medical teaching of “Sushruta “ and “charka “and Allauddin Khilgi (1316) through his several eminent physicians ( Hakim) at his royal court developed Unani practice in India, but with the aid of Indian Ayurvedic Sanhitas diagnosis and treatment. As, Unani is based on traditional system. So the body is composed of four basic elements. Earth, Water, Air, Fire and hot wet cold dry temperament respectively. According to unani medicine management of any disease depends upon the diagnosis of disease with clinical features i.e. Science, systems, laboratory, features and mizal (temperature) are important. Any cause or factor is countered by Quwwat-e-muddaddira-e-badan ( the power of body responsible to maintain health )

After diagnosis Usoole-e-iilai (principle of management) of disease determined on the basis of etiology in following pattern

  • Zalae Sahib (elimination of cause)
  • Tadeele Akhlat (normalization of humors)
  • Tadeele Aza (normalization of tissue/ organ)

Fulfillment of requirements of principles of management treatment is decided as follows

  • Ilaj- bil- tadbeer wa ilaj –bil-ghiza (repairment therapy)
  • Asbabe –e-sitta zarooriyat (use of one or more regimes i.e .dalak-riyazat-hammam-taleea-takmeed-hijamat (cupping therapy), fasd, lakhlakha, bakhur, Abzan, shamoomet (Aromatherapy), pashaya,ishal, idrar, qai, tareeaelam, laza-e-muguabil, imlah and alteration of food.
  • Ilaj-bil-tabder (Panchkarma in Ayurved)
  • Ilaj-bil-yad (Surgery)
  • Ilaj-bil-advia (Pharmacotherapy) = nuskha = prescription

Unani medicine is similar to Ayurveda both are based on theory of presence of Elements in the human body (Earth, Fire, Water, Air) and Ayurved (Vaat, Kuff, Pitt) this elements are present in different fluids and their balance is leads to their health and thus illness leads to illness bodies four elements (earth, air ,water, fire) having cold hot, wet and dry temperament respectively. The body fluids are composed of Four humus, blood, phlegm, yellow bile and black bile the humors have their own temperament. Blood = hot & wet phlegm = cold & hot, yellow bile = hot & dry, black bile = cold & dry