ayurvedic therapy

What is ayurveda ?

The traditional Hindu system of medicine (incorporated in Atbarva Veda the last of four Veda) which is based on the idea of balance in bodily system and uses diet, herbal treatment and yogic berthing. Ayurveda is science of life (ayu= life, veda = science) Hindu god of Ayurveda “Sushruta“ wrote “Sushruta sanhita“ In Ayurveda , treatment begins with medical knowledge from the god to sages and then to human physicians. “Dhanwantary“ the Hindu god of Ayurveda incarnated in Varansi (Banaras ) as king , and thought medicine to a group of physicians including Sushruta. Thousands of year ago the Indian sages developed Ayueveda before the Modern Medicine (Allopath). Ayurveda is the world’s best and most sophisticated and power full mind body heath system.

The Two Major Principle of Ayurveda are :

  • The mind and body are ineter abelly connected.
  • Nothing has more power full to heal and transform the body then to mind.

thus , Ayurveda bring the body back into balance so it can heal itself. Ayurveda offers a body of wisdom designed to help people stay vital while realigning their full human potential providing guideline on ideal daily and seasonal routine diet behavior and proper use of sense.

Ayurveda described three elemental substances the human (dosages) . Mind (Vaata) , Bile (Pitta) and Phlegm (Kapha) and the state of equality of the doses results in health whole in equality result in disease.

If “Vata” in dominant - We tend to be thin light enthusiastic energetic and changeable So,If “Vata” is balanced -Then Person is lively and creative. And,If “Vata” is unbalanced - Then Person tends to experience.Anxiety, Insomnia, Dry Skin, Constipation, Difficulty in focusing. If “Pitta” is dominant – Then Person tents to be Intense, Intelligent and Goal oriented and he have strong appetite for life. If “ Pitta ” is balanced - Then a person is Warm, Friendly, Disciplined, Good Leader and Good Speaker.

If “ Pitta “ is un balanced – Then person tends to be Compulsive and Irritable, suffer from Indigestion or Inflammatory sign. If “ Kapha “ prevails - Then Person tends to be Easy going, Methodical and Nut rising If “ Kapha “ is balanced – Then Person tends to be Sweet , Supportive and Stable. If “ Kapha “ is unbalanced – THEN person experience Sluggishness, Weight gain and Sinus condition.

Ayurvedic medicines as being divided into eight component

  • Kayachikitsa = General Medicines
  • Kaumaya Bhrtya = Pediatrics
  • Salya-Tantra = Surgical Technique
  • Salakya- tantra = Treatments of elements affecting ENT
  • Bhutavidya = Possessing Spirit and Mind
  • Agadatantra= Toxicology
  • Rasayantantra= Rejuvenation
  • Vajikarnatantra= Se pleasure