Allopathy therapy

What is Allopath?

Allopath is Greek word prefix (allos) means other or different with suffix (pathos) means suffering . Now it is mainstream medicine it is the broad category of medical practice that sometimes called (wastern medicine) or (scientific medicine). The word (allopath) was coined in 19th century (1842) by Hahnemann Samuel. Hahnemann used allopath to refer what he saw as a system of medicine that combats diseases by using remedies that produce effect in healthy subject that are different from the effects produced by the disease to be treated. Allopat follows the principle of curing disease by administrating substance that produced by a disease

Example: -In allopathic treatment for fever may include the use of drug which reduce the fever while also including drug (such as antibiotics) that attack the cause of fever (such as the bacterial infection). Allopath seeks to fight the body’s nature response system by attacking the symptoms of healing. “ It is not acting on roof cause “. it works only with the symptoms. Almost all allopathic medicines have side effects. But it gives faster relief of the symptoms one is suffering from but the medicine not works on roof cause the Is the main drawback and subject has to continue for longer periods except few exceptions .