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About Ayu LR

Ayu-LR ( The Life rejuvenator) as the name itself is self explanatory ,the word “Ayu ” derived from Sanskrit and Hindi means “Age ” and “LR” refers as ” Life Rejuvenator ” So, after huge research and surveys, we came with a solution of ayu-lr mobile application. As people already know about the ways & means to rejuvenate their lives and be healthy but still there is a huge gap which people are seeking for and in lack of it suffering physically and financially.

Human being is a magnificent art of nature and there is no alterative available in this entire Universe, which can replace it and It is a hard-core fact that, we do not know the value of ourselves, unless we fall sick or suffer from any disease and with a tones of money you cannot buy or create the same human being.

We give more value and attention to the gadgets, automobiles, vehicles. electronics, furniture’s, etc. which have a lot of alternate available and can be replaced but we pay more attention and care for it by getting regular service , repair and Insurance to keep it for long lasting service, but same way we can’t care for our self Because of it knowingly or unknowingly we don’t care about ourselves to be fit, healthy and fine and as a result we fall sick or ill. Everyone wants to be healthy, wealthy and don’t want to be fallen sick but obviously while becoming wealthy we always compromise with health. We Possess and select our entire needful livelihood as per our Choice of taste, shape, size, odor, color, design, because we have multiple options and choices.

We are living in independent nation and as per constitution, we have a right to take all decisions related to our life and we always use it for all the issues and matter which influence ,affects ,our life whether it is matter of grooming, education, food etc. , and we don’t let anybody to interfere or buy and obey anyone’s advice, choice or suggestions But it has been observed that when it comes to the matter of health, our self or family members, friends or relatives fall sick, we always take suggestions, opinion , advice from others to help us and advice any Doctors or Health Practitioners, (by subsiding our constitutional right ) as if that person is an expert or did some research work or got some award of it and we religiously obey and follow wit his advice and suggestion without asking any question. It might be possible that the health practitioner /doctor which the above person suggested as per his vision and judgment belonged to other city or in other state.